APUKUNAQ TIANAN, The abode of the gods

Apukunaq Tianan la morada de los dioses en Cusco parque

There is a set of lithic monuments in Cusco that observe the horizon … a place full of giant faces that seem to have been there forever; However, these giant faces that fill the mountain spaces have little time to be there. Apukuna Tianan is a Quechua (Inka language) word that means “The abode of the gods”, is located in the Poroy district in the Cusco region in Peru, and is a set of monolithic works by the artist Michael Monteagudo Mejía (From Titan). This colossal work, which, remains unfinished, is already attracting the visit of own and strangers, who marveled observe the one of the greatest works of contemporary art that have been seen in the area.

On Sunday, February 23, 2020, on a Facebook site called “Apukunaq Tianan”, the same creative artist of this impressive work, he uploaded the following description:

Two hundred years ago Peru freed the feat of independence, all this feeling of emancipation had been initiated by the great Tupac Amaru II. José Gabriel Condorcanqui 50 years earlier in lands of the Cusco region; we are at the gates of entering the third century of independent life, and for the Monteagudo corporation, a group made up of artists, cultural researchers and professionals sensitive to events of this transcendence, we feel alluded to the call of the bicentennial council, and we join the commemoration of this historic milestone with the realization of a sculptural ensemble that reflects the pride of our identity as well as the strength of the diversity that constitutes us as a nation this sculptural ensemble we have called APUKUNAQ TIANAN, “the abode of the gods”, this The site is dedicated to the memory of the ancient conception of the Andean-Amazonian man: Balanced with its natural environment, and an eternal observer of the cosmos, a dwelling place to feel the APUS and to become infected with its everlasting and vital Stone existence.

Apukunaq Tiana o la morada de los dioses parque de las cabezas gigantes en Cusco

Apukunaq Tianan is an impressive artistic work conceived by Michael Monteagudo Mejía best known with his pseudonym De Titan. This beautiful place is already starting to be searched on the internet from several places like “the park of the giant heads in Cusco”.

So far it has been 5 years of work and is not yet completed; however, daily receives a large number of visitors, who stunned observe De Titan’s work. This immovable and everlasting work consists of a journey that begins with a face that emerges from the mountain and represents the Pachamama, which means Mother Earth. Following the route you can see the face that represents Wiracocha, supreme god and shaper of the universe. You can see the face of a Puma and other lithic representations.

This we leave below is a set of images that can be found on the Apukunaq Tianan Facebook portal, and on other websites. Soon we will be making a photographic exhibition of this impressive work that is worth visiting. If you are visiting Cusco, take time to visit the place.

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