Tips for traveling the world by bike

Consejos para viajar por el mundo en bicicleta

Many people today like to go for a bike ride, but they have once thought about how fun it would be to know the world by bike. Next, Inca Rail has created a list of tips on how to prepare for a trip with this means of transport.

What type of bicycle is suitable for a trip?

  • Hybrid Bicycles

Strengths: They are functional, fast and manageable

Disadvantages: Not all have a luggage rack.

  • Trekking bicycles

Strengths: They are robust and with durable components, additionally they are comfortable and stable.

Disadvantages: They are heavy.

What kind of clothes should I wear for the trip?

  • Helmet: Polycarbonate with impact foam and ventilation.
  • A windbreak: Basic for trips through desert or cold areas.
  • Accessories: Gloves, multipurpose scarves and lenses to protect you.
  • Shirts: Cotton, breathable or jerseys.
  • Pants: For rain, mountain or detachable pants.
  • Footwear: Mountain boots, waterproof shoes and rain boots.

How do I start training?

  • Stretch the muscles when you start and finish your routine, bring water and fruits.
  • Cycle 1 hour a day, for a minimum of 3 times per week.
  • Start slowly, heat up and increase your demand up to 80%.

How to assemble the best saddlebags for bicycles?

First you must consider the balance when distributing the weight for your pedaling.

  • Rear bag: It is placed on the grill and maximum with 30 liters capacity.
  • Bag under the seat: Small and can be used to carry tools.
  • Front bag: It is placed in front of the helm and serves to carry things by hand.
  • Rear saddlebags: The minimum is 40 liters of capacity between the 2 saddlebags.
  • Front saddlebags: The maximum is 20 liters of capacity between 2 saddlebags.

You just have to take the first pedaling and the journey will begin.


Consejos para viajar por el mundo en bicicleta

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