The weather of Cusco and Machu Picchu | Information for the whole year 2019

The weather of Cusco is one of the main concerns for all those who intend to visit the city of Cusco. In fact, the phrase “Weather of Cusco” has nothing less than more than 22 thousand searches per month in Google, so we have decided to write about it, to see the weather in Cusco in real time, we will also see the weather forecast for Cusco. But that’s not why we published this post; the reason is to inform the visitors about the average climate data of the city of Cusco for the whole year. With respect to the climate in Machu Picchu, the exact measurement can be obtained in the final part of this article.

Weather in Cusco in January, February and March

The weather of Cusco in the months of January, February and March, are quite similar, have an average of 68° F to 69.8° F as maximum and 46.4° F as a minimum during these three months. The average rainfall for these months is on average about 17 days in the month of January and decreases in February and March to about 13 days in average rainfall.

In the month of April the maximum temperature stays at 69.8° F on average while the minimum low at 42.8° F at night; In addition, rainfall falls to 7 days on average. In May the maximum is maintained, but the minimum temperature drops to 39.2° F; the rains have almost disappeared, with an average of one day of precipitation throughout the month.

Atardecer lluvioso en Machupicchu
Atardecer lluvioso en Machu picchu

Weather of Cusco in June and July

These are the coldest months of the year in Cusco and yet they are the months of high season of tourism, for the amount of celebrations that you have, and, also for the almost complete absence of rain, which allows you to make trips while you enjoy of landscapes like Machu Picchu with a completely clear sky. The climate in Cusco in June maintains a maximum of 69.8°F and a minimum of 33.8° F with an average rainfall of one day. This is the climate of Cusco in July with the difference that in July the average rainfall is 0 days. It is worth mentioning that although it is true that the average minimum is 33.8° F, there have been years in which there have been declines in the climate of up to 24.8° F in the city of Cusco; also, we must consider that the climate depends on the area in which we are, because, although in the city of Cusco the climate can be 33.8°F, when climbing only up to Sacsayhuaman the temperature could go down a few degrees, and if If you travel to higher places, the temperature can fall a lot, so if your travel plan is to know many places you should consider at what altitude these places are located; consider that the city of Cusco is at 3320 m.s. Another important point is that Machu Picchu is located on the edge of the jungle, so its average weather is higher than Cusco, so it has a pleasant weather.

Weather of Cusco in August and September

In August the maximums that you have already noticed are maintained do not go up of 71.6°F throughout the year, while the minimum temperature is 37.4°F on average, already registering a rise in temperature, but of course, some small ones also start rains in the first days of August, phenomenon that is known as cabañuelas, which, although they are not very abundant rains, can already begin to hinder taking pictures of landscapes and archaeological centers. Another thing to consider in Cusco is that in August there are many movements of air clubs, so the winds are fast, it is the month of the winds in Cusco.

In September the minimum temperature reaches 41 °F and the average rainfall is 3 days. The winds diminish, it is a very pleasant climate, it still does not rain much.

Machu Picchu mañana nublada
Machu Picchu mañana nublada

Weather of Cusco in October, November and December

The minimum temperatures in these months are rising to 44.6 °F in October and 46.4 °F in November and December, but with the rise in temperature also come the rains that gradually increase until finally in December they begin to fall a lot of rain, which Sometimes they fall behind a bit but sooner or later they arrive, so generally in Cusco Christmas is rainy. This is the low season of tourism, since traveling and taking pictures in archaeological zones is quite complicated. Imagine arriving at Machu Picchu to take that awaited selfie and discover that the whole mountain is covered by a thick fog or that the rain is so strong and persistent that you can not see anything at all.

Weather in Machu Picchu

As we had anticipated, the maximum and minimum temperatures that we have given are from the city of Cusco, so they do not always apply to Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is at 2430 masl, so it has a somewhat higher climate than Cusco, but the climate of Machu Picchu is also usually a bit more rainy, also consider that Machu Picchu is 80 kilometers from Cusco. If your trip to the Machu Picchu Archaeological Center is close and you want to check the weather forecast for Machu Picchu, click here and you can check the weather. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to write us.

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