Hotel in Arequipa? Here are two good recommendations

The final days of 2018 I spent in Arequipa; It is a beautiful land with very friendly and cheerful people, it is also a beautiful place although I must admit that due to the haste and because of an error in the planning of my flights I could not go to the beach. Arequipa is an endless land that has a beautiful countryside and natural attractions such as the Misti and the Colca Canyon that I must definitely visit to photograph, I have a lot to write about Arequipa, but first I want to highlight the lodgings, because so far in the times that I have been in Arequipa, I have stayed in different places but I was struck by two hotels neither expensive nor cheap where you can rest well so I have proposed to write about both, they are the Paititi and the Casa de Melgar; however, I will start talking about the Hotel Paititi.

The Paititi Hotel is located at Av. Ejercito 700 – B in Yanahuara, Arequipa – Peru (054 – 607827); It is a quiet lodging and the people that attended me is A1, they were all very kind, my contact (Orlando), was very patient with me even though I am not a very calm guest, the facilities, although they are not the most modern, They are modern and cozy although the hotel is small, the rooms are comfortable. The breakfast is consistent and rich, although it is not the best I have tasted, because I prefer buffet breakfasts, in short, if there is something that you should observe, if you ask for a room facing the street you must be a traveler get up early since the avenue where the hotel is located is quite busy and somewhat noisy, but neither is it torture. The hotel has quintuple rooms even simple; As I said it is neither expensive nor cheap, so it would be good to visit their page and see their prices. Have a good trip and enjoy Arequipa and the rest of Peru.

The La Casa de Melgar hotel is located in the very center of Arequipa, at number 108 Melgar street (054 – 222459) and is a totally different style, La Casa de Melgar is a very beautiful colonial house, which has two strong points in front of the hotel Paititi which are the tranquility of the area where you can sleep late – for sleepy tourists and who want tranquility – in addition to the thicker walls preventing the noise. The breakfast served is buffet in a quiet colonial style patio. The points against and why I do not like much are that I prefer modern facilities with large windows, as opposed to the rooms of the Casa de Melgar, which does not have large windows and that the view does not give anything. Actually that will depend on each person because as there are people who prefer modern facilities there are those who prefer colonial facilities.

The service at both hotels is considerably good, and both locations have something to offer, mobility or tranquility among many other points. These are two hotels that we recommend if you are staying in the White City of Arequipa, so enjoy your trip, enjoy Arequipa and the rest of Peru.

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