The Pisco Museum, an excellent bar in the center of Cusco

Pisco is a distillate of grape must, coming from Peru, and that takes the name from the city of Pisco, Peruvian city famous for its high quality in the elaboration of this drink; however, the Pisco producing area is the southern part of Peru and part of the coast of Lima. Although other countries produce a similar liquor, but of inferior quality and flavor, the history of this drink is framed within Peruvian territory, which despite not having the designation of origin, more and more people in the world already recognize the quality of pisco. Pisco can be found throughout the Peruvian territory at very accessible prices and of great quality.

If you are in Cusco and want to try the best pisco-based cocktails, we recommend you to visit the “El Museo del Pisco” bar at Santa Catalina Ancha 389 (084-262709) just one block from Cusco’s Plaza de Armas ; Here you can drink from pure pisco in the different varieties that are produced, to cocktails finely prepared by excellent bar staff highly specialized in the preparation of pisco-based drinks. I had the good fortune to spend there in December, I was well cared for – although the attention may be better – my experience was good, I had a “algarrobina” and a glass of pisco moscatel, my companions drank, chilcano, pisco sour, and a tea with pisco; all the drinks were excellent. On the website of the bar you can find everything about the history of pisco and see photos of the beautiful place, as well as you can see the letter (if you want to see the MENU click here) and see all the pisco varieties; tastings are made, tastings for two as well as you can read specialized publications and buy some text about the Peruvian flag drink.

In the bar you can also find tapas prepared by chef Koldo Suoto, one of the local partners. If there is something that we have to recommend to those who visit this place, it is that they go as a group and each one asks for something different; Personally, I love algarrobina, but the amount served in the place can be embarrassing to only one person because it is a very sweet drink because it is prepared with honey from algarrobina, so he recommended them to order a glass of this cocktail for several people, chilcanos are excellent and everyone can drink their own glass and many more without fear of getting tired, if you drink some pure pisco to try you must try some aromatic pisco; for our luck, the staff helps us to choose what is the best we should try according to our personal tastes, the important thing is that all pisco-based drinks are excellent, so it will be worth it – if you are in Cusco – definitely have a good time in this bar which is one of my recommended for those who want to try pisco in all its forms.

I leave a map that will help you get to the bar with reference to the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, just go to the area marked in red, so you can get to this excellent bar.

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