The best restaurants in Cusco according to TripAdvisor 2019

Inti Raymi Restaurant el mejor de Cusco TripAdvisor

Making a gastronomic “top”, and especially making a top of the best restaurants in Cusco, is not the work of a single article for many reasons. The main reason is that there are many ways to categorize restaurants, I give you some examples: The 10 most elegant restaurants in Cusco, the 10 most expensive restaurants in Cusco, the 10 most romantic restaurants in Cusco, the 10 best and cheapest restaurants in Cusco , the 10 best foreign restaurants in Cusco, the 10 best tapas restaurants in Cusco, and so on … As you can see there may be dozens of these “top ten” and if we apply it to the main cities of Peru writing about restaurants in Lima, restaurants Arequipa, restaurants of Puno, and thus of all the tourist cities, the work is long and arduous.

We will start this series of “tops” writing the most basic category of all, “The 10 best restaurants in Cusco according to TripAdvisor”. It should be noted that this category is very important for travelers, since TripAdvisor categorizes according to the ratings of travelers who also publish their comments so the content of the page is always well received by travelers from around the world. Next, we will count down the 10 best restaurants in Cusco according to TripAdvisor.

10. El Tupay

El Tupay is one of the two restaurants that the fabulous Hotel Monasterio – Cusco has. The Monastery Hotel, gives that feeling of having entered a separate world where you can rest and forget absolutely where you are, is built (effectively) in an old monastery and has top quality services, so its restaurants They are quite expensive compared to other restaurants, for example a ceviche or salad can cost USD $ 30.00, while a T-bone of about 450 grams costs about USD $ 62.00, about S / 214.00 soles (local currency), while a Risotto It is USD $ 34.00 and a soup at USD $ 20.00. When you enter the restaurant you can forget the price and quietly surrender to your senses.

The reason “El Tupay” is ranked 10 is because it has a rating of 4.5 out of 104 opinions of travelers and guests of the Monasterio hotel. The service and the environment were the highest note while the quality / price ratio was the least obtained. 48 travelers rated it as excellent, 13 as very good, 8 as fair and 6 as bad. There are hard comments against the restaurant; Summarizing half of them are about food, and how empty the place was, but there are ye and be careful with the comments, because here there are cultural issues, for example, a comment talks about frozen ingredients in their food, no You can expect a hotel in that category to make that mistake, maybe nobody informed you that it was a ceviche and that this is a cold dish. In short, the number 10 is nevertheless an excellent restaurant with live opera and excellent food.

9. Senzo

Senzo is the restaurant of the Palacio Nazarenas Hotel, administered by Belmond like the previous one. The menu has the average prices that the previous one, although with a different personality in which they are “reinvento” of typical Cusco dishes, sample of the interesting creativity of their chefs.

Senzo gets a 4.5 rating with a total of 183 opinions. Diners have rated the food service and the environment in the same way, but have dropped points in what corresponds to the quality / price ratio. It has a total of 99 ratings as excellent, 23 very good, 10 regular, 4 bad and 4 lousy. One of the comments is quite hard with regard to the food, which when perishing did not meet their expectations, and even compared it saying that the food in a market in the city seemed better; Finally, with respect to another comment, in which a guest became sick of the stomach, it is also necessary to understand that digesting food at 3200 m.s.m., is complicated, so you should not ask for very loaded dishes.

8. Chicha by Gaston Acurio

Chicha is a restaurant that is located in Cusco and Arequipa. In Cusco it is in the Plaza Regocijo and is well known by the Cusco and national and foreign tourists who visit the city, on its website is presented as follows: “Chicha is regional food: the inputs, customs and culture of each place put in value with the best culinary technique and the responsible treatment of local products and producers. This, our first house, located in the Plaza Regocijo, a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, pays tribute and promotes the value of the thousand-year-old culinary wisdom of Cuzco. “.

Chicha by Gaston Acurio, gets 4.0 in reviews of TripAdvisor guests, a fabulous total of 4864 opinions, which is why it is in eighth place. The quality / price ratio is the lowest of its ratings. 1620 people think it’s excellent, 845 that is very good, 429 regular, 128 bad and 78 lousy. In summary, the worst comment, except criticism about the food, was that of a guest who complained about discrimination, since his wife was asked for identification, he also claims that they even shouted at him on the page of TripAdvisor the manager of the restaurant indicates that “We have proceeded to sustain the processes in a private message. We appreciate your communication. ” We would also like to know what happened.

7. Qespi Restaurant & Bar

Qespi is the restaurant of the JW Marriott Hotel El Convento Cusco. It is expected that this restaurant is among the best in the city of Cusco. The truth is that the prices are quite accessible; and, precisely this is the first restaurant which can be said that in the comments is perfectly balanced, because it has high score in food, service, quality / price and environment. It has a letter with regional and author options.

Qespi Restaurant & Bar, has a rating of 4.5 on TripAdvisor, a universe of 1169 ratings, 634 as excellent, 108 as very good, 21 as regular, 10 as bad and 10 as lousy. The largest number of complaints point to delays in care, even one guest wrote her complaint while, according to her, she was already waiting 30 minutes for her appetizer.

Cicciolina uno de los mejores restaurantes de Cusco TripAdvisor 2019

6. Cicciolina

Ciccionila has always been one of the best restaurants in Cusco since its opening, although the times I went felt “unfriendly to the staff”, my opinion in this top does not matter at all since I’m just based on TripAdvisor ratings. Cicciolina is a restaurant that is divided into two rooms. To enter the main dining room, a reservation is required (at least that’s what I was told when I went). It has a balanced menu, and the prices are also balanced, it is not a very expensive restaurant.

Cicciolina gets 4.5 in the TripAdvisor reviews of an immense universe of 5310 opinions of which 2045 give excellent, 723 very good, 203 qualify as regular, 56 bad and 44 lousy. In short, only two people complained about the salty food, the rest of the very negative grades, curiously, come from the poor attention and the lack of kindness of the staff, so I think my initial opinion at least was not out of place, apparently in the Cicciolina the staff feels that they should not be kind in attention. I will leave only one of the many complaints that there are about the Cicciolina “We were looking for a restaurant to spend the night at the end of the year. The man who answered us at the door showed absolute disdain, even touching the suggestion that we were not welcome. We had the feeling of being rejected by our appearance. There are other opinions here that had the same feeling. There are less famous and more attentive places in Cuzco. “

5. Limo

Limo is located in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco. Limo is a Peruvian Nikkei restaurant, which defines itself in the following way: “One of the cuisines that traveled the most in the world, and that more palates loved during the last decades, is Japanese cuisine. As always when a kitchen reaches a new land, it mixes with the techniques and ingredients of its new surroundings. The nikkei culinary always includes fresh ingredients, clean flavors and a high professional level in the handling of the details. The high Japanese cooking technique, reinventing ours with resources of the region, achieving a dream result. The LIMO experience, from our traditional balcony overlooking the Plaza de Armas, is a journey through the Nikkei kitchen and offers an amazing cocktail bar. “

Limo obtains a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor, from a universe of 2941 opinions from diners from all over the world, in which the quality / price ratio is the lowest (but always is). 1150 reviews rate as excellent, 531 as very good, 121 as regular, 41 as bad and 30 as lousy. The most frequent complaint again is about the quality of attention, in which diners have declared to have waited a little more than 20 minutes without being attended, so they left the restaurant and another claimed to have been treated after a group of Americans who wounded afterwards and without reservation. It has made me want to visit this restaurant.

MAP Cafe uno de los mejores restaurantes de Cusco TripAdvisor 2019

4. MAP Café

MAP Café (Museum of Pre-Columbian Art), is a restaurant (?) That is located in Plaza Nazarenas within the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art. On its website you can read: “MAP Café proposes innovation and at the same time offers an outstanding service, accompanied by a letter full of surprises. Using the most exquisite local ingredients and professing a special respect for tradition, we achieve results that delight the most demanding palates. Always cosmopolitan and avant-garde, our proposal seeks to become your best culinary experience. ” It has a quite accessible and balanced enough to delight.

MAP Café has 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor, out of a total of 1351 guests opinions. Of these, 627 are excellent, 149 of very good, 49 that indicate regular, 16 bad and 9 lousy. MAP Café has had no complaints since 2017 (at least complaints that qualify as terrible) and most of those on TripAdvisor are about customer service, the worst of all of the users who booked for their anniversary and it was totally abused and had to go out and find another place for his anniversary dinner. However, and being fair, it seems that they have improved a lot since in 2018 and so far in 2019 they have not had complaints of that laya.

3. Belmond Hotel Monasterio

Belmond Hotel Monasterio is not a restaurant in itself, it is the hotel and the food they serve in its patios is that of one of its two restaurants “El Tupay” and “Illariy”, however, in the list of best restaurants in Cusco TripAdvisor has a rating of 4.5 out of a total of 138 opinions, of which none are lousy, rated 56 excellent, 9 very good, 4 just rated, and 1 was poor. The only complaint was about the quality / price ratio and the size of the portions, as well as the quality of the food, all in one complaint.

Le Soleil el segundo mejor restaurante de Cusco según TripAdvisor 2019

2. Le Soleil

Le Soleil is a French-style gourmet restaurant in Cusco, but to define it well nothing like what it says on its own website: “Le Soleil is the first restaurant of French gourmet food in the city of Cusco. It proposes true flavors and wines of the French culture, being the only place where you can taste the classics of this cuisine, for example: rillettes, confit de canard, creme brulee. It offers an exclusive menu with dishes prepared only with fresh products available according to the market. In its wine bar space you can taste even by the glass the excellent French wines. The restaurant is open to all public and is also available for private events such as: Weddings, cocktails. “

Le Soleil has earned a rating of 4.5 out of 980 opinions of people around the world. 554 are excellent, while 98 qualify as good, 24 qualify as regular and 5 as bad, there is a bad rating, from a group of 10 people who did not do very well in January 2018.

What I find amazing, is that the manager has taken the time to answer each of the negative criticisms with his own name, even seems to remind customers, because he tells them about his positive comments in the restaurant that later turned into negative on TripAdvisor. Definitely as diners we must understand that there are negative comments that are not worth much, for example, a guest who goes to a French restaurant to look for Peruvian food and things like that.

Inti Raymi Restaurant el mejor de Cusco según TripAdvisor 2019

1. Inti Raymi Restaurant

Inti Raymi Restaurant is the restaurant of Palacio del Inka, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Cusco. It is a very elegant restaurant with a menu quite consistent with one of the best hotels in Cusco. On its website you can read: “Located in the historic Palace, the Inti Raymi restaurant channels the rich history of the hotel, both in atmosphere and cuisine. Along with its exposed walls, which recall 500 years of stories, the interior dining room features stone arches and exposed ceiling beams.

Antiques and original works of art, as well as handmade and period furniture, add to the interior in layers, while classic chairs upholstered with contemporary fabrics and chandeliers combine the traditional with the modern. A carpet of abstract patterns and touches of red give another nod to the present.

The open-air colonial patio, open all year, and the private semi-private dining room of 14 guests reflect the same captivating neo-Andean mix. “

Inti Raymi Restaurant is the only one on our list that gets 5.0 rating from a universe of 234 opinions; with 113 excellent ratings, 10 very good, no regular and only two bad grades. The complaints actually talk about the excellent food and atmosphere, but they are based on a problem in the service, with the waiters and a bit also about the price at which a guest writes that 20% was added not knowing what and other so much more to the account. Otherwise definitely Inti Raymi Restaurant is the best restaurant in Cusco according to TripAdvisor to 2019.

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