Pacucha Lagoon

La laguna de Pacucha en andahuaylas

One of the largest and most beautiful lagoons in Peru is the Pacucha lagoon, located 17 kilometers from the city of Andahuaylas in the Apurimac region. The particularity of the Pacucha lagoon is that it is a local tourist destination in the area, due to its majestic landscapes and its proximity to the Sondor Archaeological Complex. However, it is also important because trout and silverside fish farming is carried out here.

One of the main characteristics of the Pacucha lagoon is the temperature of its waters, which reach a minimum of 15 ° C during the coldest months (June and July) and a minimum of 17 ° C during the months of March and April, which which is considered a very pleasant temperature, considering where it is located. On the other hand, the water is almost sweet.

Another thing that draws the attention of this wonderful place is the legend that is told about the Pacucha lagoon.

Legend of the Pacucha lagoon

The legend of Pacucha or the legend of the Pacucha lagoon is told in different ways, but basically it is as follows, this text is extracted from Wikipedia.

In those days, before this lagoon there was a beautiful city considered as the “heavenly paradise” due to the natural beauty of its landscapes, inhabited by people in solidarity with humanistic and spiritual principles. Over time, people from other places appeared, bringing strange customs, forming a society of corruption, injustice, evil and one day an old man appeared asking for charity in a house where a marriage was celebrated with great pomp. Seeing him ragged and dirty, he was thrown out by force and with insults.

At the end of a street the old man is cared for by a humble and modest peasant woman called “Mama Petecc” who provided him with food. In gratitude, the old man asks him to leave the place immediately, taking his son and his lamb, instructing him not to look back for any reason. The woman, already being on the top, heard thunder and lightning, she could not with her curiosity and, frightened at hearing screams and collapses, she turned to see what was happening, remaining petrified as she is seen by the human statue that is in front of the legend.

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