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I have always wanted to make a web page that reflects the true experience of the trip. Not as publicity but to show what is really lived in each place visited; So, this page is focused on Peru, but also on Peruvians, so you will find many stories, images and videos of this beautiful country (Peru); and, in addition you will also find stories, photos and videos of many countries and places that have been visited by Peruvians who are out.

In summary, this is a traveler’s guide, written, photographed and filmed by travelers, who are looking to share their experiences and adventures with the rest of the world, so that it serves them all as a way to better enjoy places what are you knowing

We have included a “store”, because although we are not a travel agency (at the moment), for many years in our travels we have made very strong links with some travel agencies, so if you want a tour package that you will find in Our “shop” will gladly give you special discounts at the travel agencies with which we work, so do not hesitate to book and contact us.

If you want to tell us your adventures, your trips, show us galleries, etc., do not hesitate to contact us or write us at info@aventuraperu.top and we will gladly publish your adventures.

Have fun and enjoy this space created for you.

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